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Maintenance, repair, and operations

Repair work is to perform in the existing building construction works consisting in restoring the original state (art. 3, point 8 of construction law). This definition differs from the renovation work involving the modernization, expansion, or remodeling the superstructure of a building. It is allowed to use the renovation of other products than were used in their original state. Current maintenance is not repair within the meaning of the building <a href="http://byggmark.net/" title="MARK OCH ANLÄGGNING STOCKHOLM">MARK OCH ANLÄGGNING STOCKHOLM</a>.

In construction, repairs are divided into:

current - consisting in carrying out periodic inspections and conduct the work of restoration and prevention, necessary for the maintenance of the object (the building) and its surroundings in proper condition. In this type of repairs are carried out repairs, liquidations causes damage building components and building equipment.
intervention - are performed in the event of damage caused by various, usually sudden reasons (eg. a crack pipe explosion (gas), fire, etc.).
paramount - exchanging and repair all worn, damaged or defective parts of the building and equipment. Major overhauls are carried out in order to restore the original value of the building or structure. Major overhauls are often carried out in parallel with the modernization, which involves making eg. Non-existent pre-installation of central heating.

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